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We request you to please click on the release funds link given in the email which you received from our Online Payment Partner.

Once you click it, funds from Floating Balance will be moved to Main Balance.

Note: Once you click the release payment from payment gateway partner dashboard, please allow us 4-6 working hours to verify the payment to execute your order.


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Dimension websoft Pvt Ltd HTTP API

Sending single/Multiple Text message(s)

To generate API, Please Login in your control Panel & Click on Generate API to get the API details

The variables to be used are:
user Your username on the website
password Your password on the website
sender Alphanumeric/Number SenderID from your approved list of SenderID's to be used for GSM Recipients
countrycode country code of the recipient's mobile numbers.
PhoneNumber Mobile number of the recipients. for multiple recipients enter numbers seperated by comma.
The name of the group you wish to send message to. Groups can be created and managed on the website.
text The text of the message.
Charged 1 unit for 160 characters per recipient.
gateway Unique code of the gateway which will be given by
flash 1 - If the message should flash directly on the screen
0 - For standard SMS (Optional) Please check if the gateway supports Flash SMS.
unicode 1 - if the message has unicode characters. 70 Unicode characters make 1 sms.
0 - For standard SMS (Optional) Please check if the gateway supports unicode SMS.

A sample post to send sms would be like

Simple Text Messages,9370119223&countrycode=91&gateway=ZX1Y2Z30

Message Submitted
Credits Consumed:
Balance Credits: 98
Mobile=919822012345 MsgId=1177855328
Mobile=919370119223 MsgId=1177855329

Maximum of 5 numbers are recommended in a single post.

For pricing, please refer to pricing section or contact sales.