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Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service is a service which allows your customers/users to reach you at ZERO cost. In Missed Call Service, the user from any mobile or landline phone dials the number and the call is disconnected automatically by the system and log is generated for you.
We can also enable reply messages (if user calls from mobile phone) for the caller with acknowledgement and welcome text. This message will be charged to you at a cost as per SMS plans.
You get notification by SMS (as per plan), email for each lead and the caller’s number can also be forwarded to your web-application for easy integration with your CRM applications. You can also get the logs from the web-panel anytime and from anywhere.
Major advantage of Missed Call Service is that it is FREE OF COST to the user and ensures that maximum number of user get connected with your campaign.
Missed Call Service can be used by to get instant feedback, voting, business lead generation, mobile verification system through a Missed Call. We offer various integrated tools on missed call, which can help companies to establish themselves in market place as an innovative player.
You have the option to choose your own number as your Missed Call Number or we can provide you that one!
Missed Call Pricing
For more details, please contact our sales team or write to us.